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In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of Seamer and Irton CP School Governing Body are:


1.  Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Seamer and Irton CP School was reconstituted in 2015 and is now made up of 13 members.


The Governing Body comprises of the Head Teacher, a local authority governor, six co-opted governors, four parent governors and one staff governor – thirteen in total.


The Clerk to the governors is Miss Dominika Jureczko.


The full Governing body meets six times each academic year.


Meet the Governors

Helen Mallory: Co-Opted Governor (Chair of Governors)


I have been a governor since 1993 when my children were pupils at the school and now my grandchildren are current pupils.

Currently I am a Co-opted Governor, appointed and elected Chair by the Governing Body in December 2021.

As Chairperson, I oversee the various governor committees and serve as the link governor for Religious Education.

Ian Monkman: Co-Opted Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)


My association with Seamer and Irton School began in 2002 when my eldest son started in Reception. My children were a constant presence as pupils until my daughter left in 2020.

I first joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2012, becoming a Co-opted Governor in March 2019.

I have been the Health and Safety governor for the whole of my term and been involved in many different development projects at the school.

I am currently the link governor for History/ Geography and Design Technology.

Tom Wilkinson: Local Authority Governor


I first joined the Governing Body in 2020 and was appointed Local Authority Governor in December 2021. I am a former pupil of the school, and now have two children attending. I live locally and have a vested interest in the community as well as the running of the school, and how these two aspects connect.


I feel fortunate to serve as a governor, and feel I have a good understanding of the needs and demands of the parents and wider community. I am currently a Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant within North Yorkshire Police, and this gives me a very objective and impartial view on matters that I feel ought to be addressed. Ultimately, I love Seamer Village, and Seamer School is in my genes. I would like to contribute to the ongoing success of our school, by helping to create an environment in which our children can thrive and build the foundations to be successful in the future.


I am a member of the Finance Working Group, and the Travel Plan Working Group and serve as the link governor for Science.

Dave Marshall: Co-Opted Governor


I first joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor when my children attended the school and they later moved onto secondary education and universities after their excellent schooling at Seamer and Irton.


When my youngest child left Seamer, I relinquished my Parent Governor position and was pleased to remain on the Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor. My most recent re-appointment to this role was in 2020.


During my time as a governor, I have held various governor responsibilities and have also been involved in many school productions. I am currently the link governor for Modern Foreign Languages and a member of the Travel Plan Working Party.


It has been a pleasure to see the school grow and move forward through often challenging times, whilst providing and maintaining a high standard of education.

Denise Palmer-Jenkinson: Co-Opted Governor

Whilst living in the local area my son attended the school and I joined the Governing Body in 2017 as a Parent Governor. This gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the school’s day to day responsibilities and development.
I soon learnt that vital roles were also associated with the Governing Body, and I now serve as the link governor for SEND, Pupil Premium and Computing, together with being a member of the Finance Working Party.

My son worked his way through all the years and has moved onto secondary school, so I am no longer able to be a Parent Governor but was invited to carry on supporting the school and Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor and was appointed in March 2021.

Peter Ambler: Co-Opted Governor


I moved to Seamer in 1967. My daughter and three granddaughters attended the school and in 1977 I joined the Governing Body, serving one term. In 1993, I re-joined the board as a Parish Council Observer and later became a co-opted member appointed by the Governing Body in March 2019.


Over the years I have regularly helped within school, and particularly enjoyed following one class from Reception to Year 6, joining them one day a week for the seven years they were at the school.


I am the link governor for History/Geography and Design Technology.

Sarah Moseley: Co-Opted Governor


Having lived in Seamer most of my life, I have a long association with Seamer and Irton School.


Firstly, as my childhood primary school and then from the perspective of a parent when my two sons were pupils. Finally, since 2005 it has been my workplace, where I am employed as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant.


I joined the governing body as a Staff Governor, primarily to gain understanding of the processes involved in running the school, and to offer support where I could. My most recent re-appointment as a Co-Opted governor was in March 2019.


I serve as the link governor for EYFS and PSHE, and as a member of the Finance Working Party.

Julie Stewart: Parent Governor


Having been a teacher for over 20 years at Overdale School in Eastfield and serving 8 years on their governing board, I was delighted to accept the role of Parent Governor when my son started at Seamer and Irton School in Reception.


I joined the Governing Body in July 2018, to support wherever I could and to gain an insight into the workings of a school from a parent’s perspective.


I serve as the link governor for EYFS and Music, two roles of particular interest to me as I am the EYFS lead teacher at Overdale CP School and I also have a music degree.

Zoe Walker: Parent Governor


I was appointed as a Parent Governor in April 2021. I have a daughter who is currently in Year 1 and a little boy who will start Reception in September this year.  Being able to support their education is a privilege.


I am a Primary School teacher myself and have a passion for education. I lead Maths at the school I work in and was delighted to be assigned the Maths link governor role at Seamer School in September 2021. I feel very grateful to be given the opportunity to share my professional knowledge as well as offer my contribution as a parent to this Governing Body.


I wanted to join the Governing Body to learn more about how the school is run and to make a positive contribution, given the important role the school plays in our children’s lives. As a Parent Governor, I want to support the staff and management to achieve their aspirational goals and hope to play a role in the continued success of the school, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

I look forward to working with the rest of the governors to assist the school to provide a secure and stimulating environment in which all pupils can fulfil their potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

Mrs Lyndsey Hodgson: Parent Governor


Parent Governors are a core part of the School’s Board and having two children that attend Seamer & Irton School, I have a huge interest in the day to day running of the school and helping the local community. I feel very privileged to be a Parent Governor at this school.


My aim is to ensure that the viewpoint of the parents is represented and heard on the Board and feel this role gives me the opportunity to make a difference for the children currently in the school and also future pupils.


I joined the Governing Body in March 2019, primarily to offer support where I could from a parental point of view.


I serve as a member of the Finance Working Party and the Travel Plan Working Party and serve as the link governor for PE.

Bethany Taylor: Parent Governor

As a former pupil of the school, I was delighted to accept the role of Parent Governor when my son started at Seamer and Irton.


I joined the Governing body in Spring 2022 as I felt I could offer my skills both personally as a parent and professionally. I am a Social Worker employed by North Yorkshire County Council, and I hope that I can support the school effectively in light of this.


I serve as the Link Governor for Safeguarding and Art.


I feel very passionately that children’s experiences within the school should enable them to feel safe and secure whilst also ensuring that they have the opportunity to create happy and fulfilling memories.

Hannah Griffiths: Staff Governor

I have lived in Scarborough all my life, and after being made redundant from a lengthy career working in human resources, training, and recruitment for a national retailer, I retrained as a teacher and qualified in 2016. 
I started working at Seamer and Irton School in 2017 and I currently have the privilege of working as a teacher in Year 2, alongside being the subject leader for Computing.  

I was elected as Staff Governor and took my seat on the Governing Body in March 2018.
This is an exciting period for our school and being part of the Governing Body has provided me with an opportunity to work with hard working and committed staff and volunteers to strive for the best education for the children at the school.

I serve as the link governor for English.

Jonathan Wanless: Head Teacher (Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal)


I was appointed Head Teacher of the school in January 2008, having previously served as the Deputy Head Teacher since January 1999.


At every stage, it has been an honour and a privilege to be associated with Seamer & Irton CP School.

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