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Miss Moore

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Miss Chapman

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Mrs Andrews

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Miss Hindle

Hazel/Elm class


Welcome to Year 4!

Please click here for our new routnines taking into consideration Covid-19 restrictions. ‚Äč



What we do in year 4: Please click here to see!

Autumn Term: Please click here to see what we have planned in the autumn term.

Grammar for year 4, click here for the grammar leaflet which contains everything you need to know for year 4.

Click here for the maths leaflet.

In maths we have been looking at written methods for multiplication, but we thought you may like a copy of all the written methods, so if you are finding any difficult you could practise them.


Click here for the multiplication methods.

Click here for the written methods for addition.

Click here for the written methods for subtraction.

Click here for the written methods for division.



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