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New to Year 2 Information

New to Year 2 information !


Miss Chapman and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to Year 2, and we are looking forward to helping them move forwards in their journey through school.

Start of school

Children in Year 2 line up at the far end of the playground near to the top of the steps. Children should be able to line up independently now, but obviously if you need to see their teacher please pop into school.


Children are listened to read by their teacher during guided reading once a week (usually Wednesday) but this is not their reading book. This will be a book selected by the teacher to teach specific reading skills. We have volunteers to listen to children read their individual books, but we are always on the lookout for more help. If you think you could help please see your class teacher so we can arrange for you to help in another class.

We ‘buddy’ with children from Key Stage 2 during the week to read too. We encourage the children to read as often as they can; they may change books any day when they have finished them, if they let their teacher know. We also look for your comments in their reading record book to support that they have read the book with an adult and how they have managed. Please send reading books in every day just in case we get extra help.

The Learning Environment

In Year 2 the children continue with the same system as Year 1; children will be working with the teacher every morning, working independently, accessing the outdoor classroom with Mrs Brining/Miss Fail and have the opportunity to access structured free choice activities.


ICT takes place every week. Please support the children by letting them use a computer at home to follow up some of the things they do at school. Sometimes we set homework to be completed on the computer at home and the children may receive a certificate. We also use the computers a lot to access e- books which can also be accessed at home. If you have difficulty accessing a computer/tablet at home please let the teacher know so we can make alternative arrangements. User names and passwords will be found in their reading records.


Both classes will have PE once a week either on Thursday afternoon with Mr Hindle or sometimes with their class teacher. Please ensure they have a named PE kit at school. We will send them home every half term for a wash.


Please send the children with a purse with money for the week, this is kept in the classroom and monitored by the teachers and teaching assistants. Children are encouraged to find the correct money. We send the purses home on Friday or before if they should run out of money.

Water Bottles

Please send your child with a named, water bottle every morning so they have access to a drink through the day. We send this home every day for a wash.

Named clothing

We expect the children to be more responsible for their own belongings in Year 2, please help them by ensuring all clothes are named.


Year 2 has a library session every Monday and they are encouraged to change their books then. Books can be returned any day. Every other week Mrs Dengate will deliver a library workshop.


If your child needs an inhaler we usually keep them in a safe, accessible place in the classroom. Please send it in a named bag.


Children are given spellings/homework regularly; these words are either linked to phonemes we have been looking at or key words we have noticed they are spelling incorrectly, or topic words. We usually give at least a week to learn them. Please help your child where possible but they should be able to practise on their own. Little and often is better than the night before! The children will also have a homework book and folder where paper based activities will be kept. We will always inform you of the date they need to be handed in and homework is usually given out on a Friday.

Home time

At 3.20pm children will exit from their class rooms. When a member of staff has seen you your child will be allowed to meet you in the KS1 outdoor area (Just past the school reception- the gate is opened at 3.15pm). As in Year 1 we ask that the children know who is collecting them, and that you let us know of any changes to collection procedures. If you have younger children in other classes we will hold onto your child until you get there.

We hope this information is useful but obviously if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you for your support.

The Year 2 team 

Miss Chapman, Mrs Knowles, Miss Fail, Miss Morrell, Mrs Welch and Mrs Brining



Year 2 Information

Reading presentation

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