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2018-19 School Councillors, speaking for you!

Year 2 Councillors

Year 3 Councillors

Year 4 Councillors

Year 5 Councillors

Year 6 Councillors

We meet every Wednesday and discuss matters concerning the school and local area. We make changes and have meetings with the headteacher to discuss suggestions made from each class. The school council helps the mangers, headteacher and Governors of the school to understand what concerns students. Our pupil voice counts!



Three Scarborough Councillors have now met with our school council. The meeting was very successful and many questions were asked. The Coucillors were particularly interested in the development of the Futurist Theatre area and the land behind the Spa being made safe. One of the main areas for discussion was about single use plastics, an on-going concern. 

Click here for the pictures.


The pond area has now been completed and looks amazing. The School Council fed ideas to the contractors and have been taking photgraphs of the progress each day. Click here if you would like to see all the photos.


The School Council will also be looking at recycling plastic and improving recycling around the school.



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