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Self-isolation remote learning plans

This work is to be completed by pupils who are self-isolating due to Covid-19. The tasks below are linked to the current term's learning. Providing children are well enough to do so, they should try to complete as many tasks as they can. However, as a school, we acknowledge that learning remotely can be extremely difficult (especially if you or another family member are suffering from illness). We always prioritise the physical and emotional well-being of our whole school community over completing tasks. Please click on the image below to download the home learning. (These links will become live should they be required)


Please make sure your child reads everyday using the ebooks on Active Learn and that they practise reading the keywords in their books. 

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Optional extras

Phonics Maths All about numbers 11-20
Phase 2 booklet 1 Recognising numbers to 10 Number 11
Phase 2 booklet 2 Counting objects to 10 Number 12 
Phase 3 booklet 1 Finding the total of two groups Number 13
CVC words Finding one more and one less than Number 14
Phase 2 home learning challenges Using objects to add and subract Number 15
Phase 2 tricky words letter formation Superhero missing numbers to 20 Number 16
Phase 2 tricky word booklet 2D shape Number 17
Phase 3 tricky word booklet 3D shape Number 18
  Continue the pattern Number 19
    Number 20


Useful resourses: 

Phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3 sound mat

Tricky word mat

Letter formation sheet

Letter formation poster


Here are some useful websites: - free interactive educational resources. - Username: jan 21     Password: home - please try to read daily. - fun maths games - movement and mindfulness videos just sign up for free!

Youtube songs:

Epic phonics Tricky Words songs: (Phases 2, 3 and 4)

Jack Hartmann:  Count to 100

Dream English Kids: Let’s count to 20

The Singing Walrus:  3D shapes

Cosmic Kids Yoga

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