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As a school we are introducing an exciting new experience for the children to enjoy called “Forest School”. The forest school experience offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop Independence, confidence, communication skills, and self- esteem through active hands-on learning.

The value of outdoor Leaning

Children will partake in activities that support and utilise core curriculum subjects particularly geography, literacy, science, maths and the arts. Using a cross-curricular approach through exploration in a woodland environment nature will become one of our greatest teachers one that encourages child-led learning prompted by visual and sensory experiences through naturally occurring events.

Where will forestry take place?

Forest School sessions will normally take place within the school grounds. Other off-site outdoor visits will be planned in advance and you will receive written notice of these. 


Here are our important Forest School policies:

Ethos & Policy Aims & Objectives Clothing Policy Tool Handling Policy Health & Safety Fire Policy


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