Online Safety at Seamer & Irton Primary School

Pupils at Seamer and Irton CP School use the internet across the curriculum and we are committed to ensuring that they develop a secure understanding of how to stay safe online in a secure and supportive environment. 


Safeguarding & Use of Digital Images


Parent/Carer Acceptable Use Policy.


EYFS - Y3 Acceptable Use Policy


Y4 - Y6 Acceptable Use Policy


General Parental Guidance for Online Safety.


However, at home  it can be difficult keeping up with the ever-changing technologies that children use independently and their levels of internet access. Social media is becoming more and more popular and the desire to be a part of this is increasing in younger children.  The sites more often than not have age restrictions yet more and more children are signing up.

Please find below hints and tips on how to stay safe should you visit social media sites. Simply click on any of the logo's to learn more:



Did you know that you can help control what your child is viewing online via You Tube?  There is now  a dedicated children’s site called 'You Tube for Kids' which limits what your child can search for.

Click here to download the YouTube Kids App.

Click here to visit the YouTube Kids site.


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